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2 Reasons Why AdWords and PPC are Effective for Lead Generation

What is PPC and AdWords?

Did you know that Google AdWords and PPC tools are great for generating leads in your business? They are especially great if you have an E-commerce website. However, even if you don’t have an E-commerce website, your business can still benefit from better lead generation via PPC and AdWords for your website.

Here are two reasons why it works:

1. It Puts Choice in Your Hands

With AdWords, you have options to advertise your business the way you want, owing to the number of testing methods you have available (A/B testing, Dynamic Keyword, If Function, etc). You can use these methods separately or in conjunction with each other to help your ad campaigns get your desired lead generation results. Are you unsure of the AdWord methods out there? Hang tight! We'll get to that!

Some of the Choices you have are as follows:

Displaying Your Ads to Relevant People on Websites

You have the option to show your ads to a target audience when they are visiting different websites and blogs of other businesses. But these aren’t just any other businesses, these are businesses that are relevant to the services your business provides.

For example, if you are a health supplements provider, you can choose to display ads for your products on different fitness websites and blogs. This is targeting at its best and dramatically increases your chances to generate leads.

Displaying within Natural Search Results

Natural, organic searches, are typically knowledge-seeking or consumers looking for online services to meet a need or solve a problem. You can cleverly place your ad amongst search results to allow it to gain visibility.

AdWords and other PPC campaigns like these allow your business to be seen by people who are most likely searching for services that you are providing.

Remarketing Your Product or Service

This is most effective when people have already visited your website, meaning they are probably interested in the services you offer. They just need that extra push to opt-in to your services and buy what you are offering them, i.e. get converted.

This means that you are making your lead conversion efforts more effective. When they visit different web pages such as yours or a partner website, the ad placed there gives them a subtle reminder of your services.

You can even target them differently in this ad, sending them to your landing page. AdWords and PPC allow you to try a different tactic with them if the first one didn’t work.

2. Making Landing Pages More Effective

E-commerce websites are typically structured to allow people to go to a product landing page for a product they may want to buy. But it also opens up many options to them. This may disengage and discourage them from buying your products because it may come off as a hard sell.

Instead, if you tailor your landing page to them to keep them interested in what they are buying, they will not be tempted to navigate elsewhere. Google AdWords and PPC allow you to turn inquiries into sales quicker without becoming distracted. 

What methods will you try to convert your ads to sales?

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