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7 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media is a much-loved tool for businesses, but not knowing what mistakes to avoid could impact the image and effectiveness of a social media campaign.

Here are some common mistakes in social media marketing:

1. Not having a plan

Social media marketing needs as thorough a plan as other forms of macro marketing. You must have a definite strategy and a step-wise plan for implementation of that strategy

2. Disconnecting from the audience

Many times we see a great Facebook business page that becomes dormant after some time. Users are left with no response on queries or chats. Call buttons do not work or the mobile number is defunct. Lack of constant engagement with the users is the most common mistake with respect to social media marketing.

3. Too many profiles

It’s confusing to see multiple profiles on social media for the same business. It can happen when there is no clear strategy or plan in the first place. As ideas or products change, new pages or profiles are created, all of them trying to direct the traffic to one website. It could not only be illegal but you could end up losing customer’s interest in the page.

4. Not having followers

If you have a lot of content and no real followers, it can mean there is no customer base or support. 

5. Not being visible enough

With the overload of content and ads on social media, it is important to be highly visible and interactive. A common mistake many businesses make is to have very poor visibility with no interaction or activities happening on the media.

6. Overdoing the social bit

The opposite of the poor visibility is being excessively intrusive and visible. People tend to stay off and avoid your business if you are bombarding them with your messages all across the different platforms. Trying to be everywhere on the social media all at once may not actually be a great idea.

7. Not paying attention to reviews

About 80% of consumers make buying decisions based on reviews they read on the Internet. People also notice how bad reviews or feedback is handled by the company. Not responding to reviews or comments could seem like you don’t care enough to respond. Customers would be put off if you are just another one of those businesses which are cold and faceless.

What can you do?

1. Plan your social media marketing strategy

Plan out everything, starting from content and images to links that actually work on the business page or the media account. Refresh the content in a timely manner. Build your database of genuine followers.

2. Engage better

Constant engagement that is not overdone is a sure way of getting people to come back to your page. Respond to chat messages, reviews, and make sure call buttons work.

3. Focus on target audience

Pick and choose the platform in social media and focus on that instead of spreading out too thin.

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