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9 Essential Must-Haves for Your Website

Having a new website built is not an easy and simple task! There is a lot of thought and strategy that goes into your website to make a good user experience for your potential clients and customers. Below we have the 9 essential must-haves for your website redesign.

1. Homepage

Your homepage is like the exterior of your home. It leaves the first impression of what's inside.

2. Testimonials / Case Studies

Prospects want to know what companies you've worked with and what problems you've solved.

3. Products / Services

Each product or service should have its own page with descriptions and details.

4. How We Work

Inform your prospects of how your process works and what their next steps are with your business.

5. About Us

Customers and potential clients like to know what they're buying and who they're buying from.

6. FAQ

Clarifying any confusion up front will show you are a trustworthy business to work with or buy from.

7. Blog

Search engines like updates to your website content. This also creates community for prospects.

8. Contact Page

Have your company name, mailing address, phone, social icons, etc. easily accessible.

9. Call to Action

Always encourage your visitors to take action, be it to make a purchase or contact you further.

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