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Facebook Insight Breakdown

So you’re new to creating a business page for Facebook.  Seems simple enough, right?  

Paying attention to your page Insights will help you determine the best strategy for your Facebook social media feed.

Things you should know


Facebook Insights won’t be accessible until you’ve received 30 likes to your page.  If you can’t find 30 organic followers, you can purchase a promotion directly from Facebook for an affordable amount.  Once you’ve received your 30 likes, the Insights tab will become available .

Historic data

Facebook stores the information of your visitors for 180 days.  If this information is something you want to keep track of, we recommend exporting it from the Insights main menu.

Time Zone

Facebook uses the Pacific Time Zone to calculate Page Insights.


Post Reach: People who have seen your post in the last 7 days.
Total Reach: People that have seen any content related (including ads) to your page in the last 7 days.
Engagement: People who have liked, clicked, shared, or commented on your post in the last 7 days.
Post Clicks: Total engagement.
Page Likes: Number of unique people liking your page.
Fans: Equal likes.
Impression: A single view of your post show in a newsfeed or timeline.

Page Insights

Page Insights tells you which posts had the most engagement from your fan base and at what time.  Showcasing the last 5 posts you’ve made, Insights will tell you the post type, if you’re targeting a specific audience, how many your post has reached, and what your engagement looks like.


Facebook will tell you the number of paid likes you’ve received via ads, page suggestions, on your page, or page likes themselves.


While likes is about the click itself, Reach is about the number of people that may have seen your post.  What’s interesting about the reach graph is that you’re able to figure out which posts made your followers “jump ship”.


The Visits section tells you which Page has been visited the most, be it the timeline, info, or videos tab.  Knowing this information allows you keep up on the appropriate content for each of those pages.


The Posts section is all about your content.  With Posts, you’re able to see who visited per hour and what kind of impression it they made.


Your People tab shows you your fans, how many people you’ve reached, and how many people have engaged.

Are you using your Facebook Insights to strategize your Facebook posts?  

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