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Three ways digital marketing services are like a “Top Chef” Restaurant

Three ways digital marketing services are  like a “Top Chef” Restaurant

Digital marketing services are all the rage right now, and rightfully so! Digital marketing is one of the greatest things a business can do for its business in 2019!

Digital marketing is the tactic used to promote a business, product, or service online by way of social platforms, PPC, email marketing, and SEO. It’s a modern world, friends. Your marketing needs to be modern too.

Why do we love digital marketing? Because we love being creative, trying new things, and bringing something a little different to a businesses marketing plan.

You know what else we love? “Top Chef”. That’s right. Bravo’s “Top Chef”.

Recently a random conversation began in our digital marketing office about Top Chef and the joy it brings us. The unique challenges, the deadlines, the bold, yet appealing personality of Tom Colicchio.

While having this random conversation, we couldn’t help but notice the parallels that digital marketing services and owning a restaurant have. Many of the contestants on “Top Chef” own restaurants, so how can we relate to them?

Digital marketing + “Top Chef”

Much like a restaurant, the success of digital marketing services highly depends on a number of factors. When all the components work together, amazing things happen!

User-generated content

For both digital marketing and restaurants, user-generated content is some of the most trusted content that can be used. Not only is this kind of content the most credible, it also is five times more likely to convert a customer online.

Additionally, ninety-two percent of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends. Seeing user-generated content from those family and friends - priceless.


Reviews are a crucial part of success in the restaurant industry. Good reviews bring in more customers to your establishment and boost accolades! Did you know: thirty-three percent of restaurant goers would not eat at a restaurant with less than a four-star ranking?

Furthermore, having reviews online is an important part of search engine optimization. Digital marketing services, like SEO, love Google-based reviews as they aid in local search engine rankings! Google reviews tell the search engine (and users) that a business is credible, current and trustworthy.


For Google, a user’s website experience plays a big part in its search engine rankings. A bad, brief experience benefits noone! A good digital marketing professional goes beyond Google requirements and consistently ames to please the audience they’re hoping to market towards. Just like at a restaurant.

A poor dining experience not only impedes the possibility of a repeat customer, it can lead to other foodies ignoring your establishment altogether. In fact, Generation Z and Millennials are ninety-nine percent more likely to base their restaurant choice off of social media reviews.

As you can see, digital marketing services and owning a restaurant are actually quite relative! A good experience, solid reviews, and enticing user-generated content all help the industries we serve!

Tom Colicchio says, “Recipes tell you nothing. Learning techniques is the key.” And the same goes for digital marketing! There’s not an exact recipe that we must abide by to make your business successful online through digital marketing. But there are techniques we’ve mastered to make the dish perfect for you business.

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