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ExpressionEngine Acquired by EEHarbor

ExpressionEngine Acquired by EEHarbor

ExpressionEngine has made a very exciting announcement, ExpressionEngine has a new owner! Packet Tide (EEHarbor) has officially acquired ExpressionEngine. EEHarbor has been deep rooted in the ExpressionEngine community for many years and has a long history in building EE add-ons (more than 45!) and development capabilities that will take EE to the next level.

Omaha Media Group has been integrated in the ExpressionEngine community for more than a decade and is very excited about how this acquisition will impact the future of EE. 

Why is ExpressionEngine our preferred CMS? 

There are countless reasons why we prefer ExpressionEngine over the hundreds of other content management systems. 

One of the main reasons is flexibility, we can turn any of our client’s visions into a real life web application by utilizing the features that ExpressionEngine offers. 

EE’s core system also has rock-solid security, it’s pretty difficult to argue that rock-solid security in this crazy digital age is not vital to the success of our client’s and their company’s well-being. 

If you want to get more in the weeds about EE features, here’s a side by side comparison against the well known CMS, WordPress. 

Will we continue to build our sites on ExpressionEngine? 

Absolutely! EEHarbor is a group of incredibly capable developers and we are nothing less than thrilled about this shift. We look forward to continue creating custom client’s websites!

OMG has worked with EEHarbor support for years and has never experienced anything less than complete professionalism. We have no doubt that the swift, polished support will not only continue, but be enhanced by this acquisition. 

Is this the first change we’ve experienced with EE? 

Nope. Last year, ExpressionEngine moved from a commercial CMS to one that is open source. For now, it appears that EEHarbor will keep ExpressionEngine as an open source; however, the definitive answer on this is still to come. 

Will this change the EE Community? 

Probably. Every change within a company brings a change to the overall community, for better or worse. OMG has been a part of the ExpressionEngine Community for more than 10 years, the ups, the downs, and the inbetweens and we can confidently say that the move to EEHarbor will bring a close knit community of developers even closer!  

What does this mean for our clients? 

Omaha Media Group’s mission to be a blessing to our clients, we do this by providing the best customer support, the highest quality product and doing it quickly! EEHarbor’s acquisition of ExpressionEngine will only assist us in doing so!

What’s next? 

The latest and greatest version of ExpressionEngine! EEHarbor is not slowing down, they will take over the development of EE’s latest version, ExpressionEngine 6. 

We are excited to see what’s next! 

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